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Here in OB Design and Engineering we are focused on Quality and the Customer’s Needs. Aiming to be a leader of automation in Ireland we have a wide range of experience when it comes to Automation, Robotics, Mechanical Design, Electrical work and 3D Printing.

We will work with you on any needs or problems you have. Whether that is updating an old machine to bring it up to CE mark Standard, Installing a New Filling Carton or designing and installing a bespoke machine to your Factory.

We offer an in and out of hours breakdown and repair service where one of our experienced engineers will aim to get you back up and running as soon as possible. To help prevent unnecessary down time and costs you can also avail of our thorough predictive maintenance service.

Due to Covid19 we have launched a fully online service that is available if needed. This is can be booked through the website for Quick Builds and Design Needs or if you have a larger project feel free to send us an e-mail at

Our staff are up to date with all the latest technology in the line of vision systems and sensors that will help improve your product quality and reduce the need for manual inspection. Feel free to contact us with any of your needs.

With the Latest Technology when it comes to Design. we have the ability to give you the Best Quality Drawing and Designs possible. We have a wide range of experience in designing Automation Machines, Custom Machinery, Robotic Heads, Conveyers, Room Plans and many different Prototypes.

We can help you out with any mechanical design ideas or issues that you may have.

With a large range of 3D Printers available in house including both Resin and Filament 3D Printers you can be sure we have one to suit your project.

3D Printers allow for the Rapid Production of Prototyping Products and the Production of small batches.

Automation is an important part of todays World. It can greatly reduce the number of repetitive tasks that an operator will need to do and will reduce the need for heavy lifting. We have a vast amount of Experience in the Design, Manufacturing, Instillation, Repair and Service work in Automation. Should you need a standard Filling, Capping or Carton machine or a Custom Build we have you covered. Check out more of our Machines and Vision Systems over on our Automation Page.

Should you need any Automation Machinery we can Help you out. We offer an in-depth consultancy service discussing all requirements and offering solutions to best suit your needs.

With a wide range of Building Designing, Testing Machinery and Consultation experience we can help you get the ideal machine to suit you.

We supply and install a wide range of Industrial Robots and Cobots. We can find the one that will perfectly meet your specific needs. Robotic applications and robotics machines are endless allowing many jobs to be done safely with speed and precision. Industrial Robots are becoming more affordable and are now in reach to many small and medium sized businesses.

The main purpose of a Filling machine is to measure out a predetermined amount and then fill the bottle, jar, vial, carton with this amount. This results in less waste and much faster output rates than manual filling.

Filling machines and Filling & Capping machines are essential pieces of equipment in many factories. Therefore, it is vital that the machines are suitable for the task and are running to their best potential.

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With a large range of software and machinery, we have the knowledge and equipment required to help you solve your problem or turn your idea into reality.

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