We have many 3D printers in-house that can be used to build your prototype or build a working part. We have a large selection of printers both resin and filament. These printers have amazing quality and a large print size in excellent quality.

3D Printing has been around since the 1980s and has brought a great amount of benefits to the small manufacturing companies and to anyone wanting to prototype an idea or design, How many times have you had a idea for a new product but to get it manufactured for testing was going to cost to much. This is where 3D Printing and OB Design and Engineering comes into it. We House many 3D Printers here in our Workshop and design Studio here in Tipperary.Before 3D Printers you would need to have used an Injection moulding machine or maybe a CNC Mill or Vacuum casting. All of which are exceptionally good but require a lot of time and money to produce goods if you only want them on a small scale. With our 3D Printing we can produce you a low volume amount of goods at a low cost and at a rapid rate. allowing only a couple of days.  We use FDM 3D Printers to Produce parts as this allows for both fast and high-quality parts. We also have SLA and FDM 3D Printers in our Workshop. While this Provide an amazing quality Build. They are best suited to single prints or Builds that require an extremely high quality.

We also offer a 3d prototype design service for your design needs. This allows you to keep everything in the one location and easier for changes modifications to be made. With 3D Printers there is very little restraint in what we can produce. With he right material and speed we can print almost anything. If there is over hangs or hallows this is no problem. We can simply add a temporary support to carry the object. This can be removed once printed.

We aim to keep our 3d prototyping design services as affordable as possible so everybody has the chance to use it for a part of project they need. If you believe this service is of use to you feel free to contact us at info@obdesignandengineering.com or on 052 9168010


Types of 3D Printers

We have a wide range of 3D Printers available here in our workshop in Tipperary. Here is a bit about some of there styles of printing

DM Printing

This is the most common type of 3D Printing. It works by melting plastic and placing it down in thin layers in the shape that was designed and entered into the controller. This is repeated for a length of times varying from minutes, hours or Days till the part is completed. These style of 3D Printers are a Quick and cost-effective way to 3P Print some Parts. There is a wide range of material available from PLA, ABS, Nylon and Carbon Fibre

SLA Printing

This style of 3D Printing can Produce a very high quality part. An SLA 3D Printer works by uing a laser or UV light to harden resin that has been poured into a  holding tank on the printer. Each layer is fused together as it prints to produce a very sold object. While still being very affordable this is a more expensive and slower style of 3D Printing. But is better suited to some Builds with this level of accuracy we can 3D Print moving parts such as hinges or bearings. If you want to find out more just give us a call or email and we will be happy to help

In order to get a Free Quote send us a STL file or STEP file along with some details to info@obdesignandengineering.com

Most Prints take between 2 to 5 days to be completed and we aim to have your design completed with in 5 days if you need this service

If you don’t have either and would like us to design or help you design a Product check out or mechanical design page or give us an email or a call on 052 9168010