Advantages of Automation to Small & Medium Sized Businesses

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At first the thought of introducing and investing in automation processes and machines into your business may seem daunting and too expensive.  However the advantages can far out weigh the cost of this initial investment. Also more affordable automation machines and robots are now available. This makes automation a realistic option to small and medium sized Irish Businesses.



There is countless benefits of automation some of which are mentioned below:

  • Higher production rates.
  • Improved safety.
  • Reduced lead times by helping to fill orders quickly.
  • Efficient use of materials. Processes are now streamlined. Resulting in better use of materials, reduces waste and ensures your company’s best practices are always in effect.
  • Improved product quality as there is now greater control and can eliminate most errors.
  • Frees up staff to work in other areas.
  • Robotic machines can carry out tedious and dangerous jobs. They also can work in a range of temperatures that may not be suitable for people.
  • Enhancement of the brands reputation. This is due to the consistent quality, ability to meet deadlines and product safety.
  • You are investing in your companies future.

At OB Design and Engineering we have helped a range of businesses. In areas such as food production, drink production and manufacturing. We helped to both upgrade their production lines and to incorporate automation and robotics successfully into their business.

We can discuss options with you to introduce automation to your business or upgrade existing lines. This can be done in a way that is both affordable and best suits the business needs.

It is understandable that many consider Automation out of their reach and are afraid of the unknown. However we can ease these worries and can help your company embrace it.

Please do not hesitate in calling us. Contacting us at Through our website or on LindedIn if you have any questions and would like to find out some more information.