What is Automated Design and Automated Engineering?

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What is Automated Design and automated Machinery?
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So what is Automated Design and Automated Engineering? How can these benefit my Production line?

These terms may sound a little overwhelming but in reality they are not. Firstly Automated Design is the design of an application to use, and Automated Engineering is the use of this technology to perform a task. This task is done with little human help.

Simply, Automation involves the creation and application of technology. This will be then used to control the production of products. Such as Carton machines and Filling machines on a production line.

Automation Engineers focus on the designing and manufacturing of these machines.

Automated Machines are called this as they perform their job with little amount of human participation. Some highly automated machinery have almost no human involvement.


Automated Design


There are many reasons to introduce Automated machinery to your production line. Or improve on the Automated Design and Automated Engineering you may already have. These include:

1. Increase in productivity and a greater output per hour.
2. Reduces labor cost and saves the company money.
3. Help solve the problem of labor shortages especially for repetitive jobs on production lines.
4. Reduces and often eliminates routine manual tasks. Resulting in less health and safety issues.
5. Improves workers safety. By Automating an operation work is made safer.
6. Improves product quality.
7. Reduces manufacturing lead time.
8. Automated machinery can perform tasks that cannot be performed manually.
9. Avoids the potential high costs of NOT using Automated design and Automated Engineering in a work place. And not having the significant advantages of automation such as improved quality. Higher sales. Improved labor relations and better company image.

To find out more about automated design and automated engineering. How can it benefit your work place? Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.