Some areas of Automation will need a customised design and piece of Machinery. We offer a full 3D design service carry in house using our 3D Mechanical Design software. This allows us to completely design your new machine or Product in House. Depending on the level of Complexity we can build a Prototype to test if needed. This can involve having a prototype design online session using a screen sharing software. All our Equipment and Machinery are CE Marked and carry a warranty this insures you it is built to a high standard. All Machinery come fully documented with an Electrical Drawing, Pneumatic Drawing, 3D Model, 2D model and a copy of the PLC and HMI Program

3d mechanical design services Ireland

We also offer customers a 3D Design service for Product Prototyping. This can be carried out remotely using our prototype design online software. Our Product design is done to the highest standard. Once a Product is designed, we will 3D Print you a model for you to test and hold. This can be done in a wide range of materials and colours that will suit your product or design. We aim to be one of the Leading Cad mechanical design in Ireland.

If you have any questions about 3D Printing Tipperary or any design Ireland Please feel free to contact us at info@obdesignandengineering.com

Or on 052 916 8010