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OB Design and Engineering are delighted to start of the new year with the arrival of our new CNC haas Lathe to our workshop. This will enable us to produce high quality bespoke parts for your automation machines and production lines.

This will enable us to manufacture parts in-house with amazing accuracy. The ability to offer this service will not only ensure quality, accurate made machines and parts but also results in the ability to keep manufacturing in-house without the need to out source or import machines and parts from other countries which many companies have to do.

What is a Lathe?

A lathe is a tool that is used for shaping a material such as metal or wood, it rotates the material been worked upon around a cutting tool to remove unwanted parts of the material until the required shape is achieved.

What is a CNC Lathe?

It is basically a lathe machine that uses Computer Numerical Control (CNC)technology to ensure each movement of the machine is precise, making it perfect for manufacturing customized products or parts.
Due to technical advances over the years CNC Laths are now replacing older typically used production laths.

How a CNC Lathe works?

The computer panel controls the lathe while the operator oversees and manages the process.
The CNC controller works along with a series of motors and drive components.
The lathe spins the material been worked on i.e. the metal, while a fixed cutting tool then slices chips from it until the desired shape is achieved.
Each movement of the lathe is so precise the finished product is extremely accurate.

The accuracy of a CNC Lathe will enable us to make superior products and offer a bespoke service. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any automation and machine building queries that you may have.