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This week we at OB Design and Engineering added a new CNC Lathe to our ever growing top of the range CNC family.  This addition will further enable us to make top quality, custom made builds. Which are specific to your requirements.

Over the last number of years CNC Lathes have become a major part of the manufacturing industry. They are now replacing some older and more traditionally used lathes such as the Multi-spindle. As we at OB Design and Engineering endeavor to stay on top of changes in the manufacturing industry. We aim to produce top quality CE marked machines and parts. Therefore it only make sense to purchase a CNC lathe.

So what is a CNC Lathe and how does it work?

A lathe machine is used to remove material from the piece been worked on to give it its desired shape. There is various operations applied to the work piece. These include cutting, sanding, drilling and turning with the tools to create an object with symmetry.

The tool actions of the machine is often programmed using the CAD or CAM process. Therefore all parts can be custom made and designed. However a programmer can also manually design the part and upload onto  the machine. The lathe is controlled by an interface on a computer. This allows the operator to see a visual simulation of how the machine will function.

The lathe spins the piece been worked on in a spindle while a fixed cutting tool approaches and slices chips off it. This is done slowly and carefully resulting in a beautifully finished product or intricate part. A CNC lathe has the ability to produce a variety of shapes, cuts and details on the rotating work piece. The operator can program the machine to make difficult cuts on tough materials producing quality pieces at a high rate.

A CNC Lathe is used in the production of a wide range of parts and objects. This can be for many different industries from screw threads, the legs of a table to a plane surface.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us should you have any queries or you think we may be able to help you with any of your manufacturing and automation needs.