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OB Design and Engineering are delighted to add the addition of a new CNC Milling Machine to our growing family of machines. These are very precise machines allowing us to create bespoke parts for all automation processes in great detail.

What is a CNC Milling Machine?

It is basically a milling machine that uses Computer Numerical Controls and cutting tools to remove material from a piece been worked on to produce a new customized part/product. A CNC Milling machine can work on many material including metal, plastic, glass and wood.



The Milling Process:

It all starts with a 2D/3D CAD model which is converted to a CNC program which will dictate the actions of the machine. Once this is set up the machine can rotate the cutting tool cutting into the piece been worked on as required.

As deemed necessary by the individual job the machine will carry out one of the following actions:

  1. Slowly feed the material been worked on to the stationery rotating tool.
  2. Move the tool across the stationery piece been worked on.
  3. Move both tool and work piece in relation to each other.

Milling is most often used as a finishing process to a machined work piece but can also be used to shape from start to finish. It is ideal to add definition and add details such as holes, slots and threads. A piece been worked on will often be passed through the machine a number of times to achieve the desired finish.

CNC Milling machines are extremely accurate and versatile making them ideal to be used on a wide range of materials in a wide range of industries.  Once the milling is completed the piece is produced to costumed designed specifications.

The addition of this Milling Machine will greatly improve our ability to deliver high quality, Irish custom made Machine builds and Parts.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you have any thing you would like to discuss or you think we can help you with any of your Automation needs.