If You are Looking to Upgrade Your Machine or purchase a new one. We can provide Consultation advice and Inspection of the Machines. It is important for a Build to be inspected from the very start to the end to ensure the Highest Quality is Obtained

Our first step will be to assess your needs and find a Suitable machine for you. This will Involve Checking your Speeds, room available, Budget, Work Environment, Preferred PLC and Controllers, Power Supply Available, Timeline and Operators available to run the machine

Once a Suitable Machine is Found we will draw a 3d room plan showing machine in place. This will show any Problems with Space or the Height on infeed or out feed to the operators Safe Working Height

When you are happy with this we can Start the Building of the Machine. The Machine Builder would be Inspected several times to Ensure the Correct Material, Controllers and Parts are being used. Measurements will also be checked to Ensure the Machine is the Correct size.

When the Machine is finished the Wiring, Pneumatics, Build Quality, Labelling, Pinch Points, Earthing, Safety system, PLC and HMI software will be inspected to insure they meet the highest Quality.

At this Point we will carry out the FAT or Factory Acceptance Test. This will best the machine to insure it is running Correctly with a Low Number of Rejects. The Emergency Stop Circuit will be tested, Cold Starts, Rejects, Errors, Systems Faults, Power failures and Many more tests. Along with Visual and any Quality Inspection. We will carry out these tests several times each to ensure the machine is at the highest Quality. A full report will be done to Show the Test Results. The Machine Must Pass this test before being Moved to the Factory for Insulation.

Once the Machine is at the Factory and Installed. The Machine will need to pass a SAT or Site Acceptance Test. This will test the Same as the FAT but in a working Environment. The Programming side of the Machine will be inspected fully, and the Machine will need to Run for a Number of hours production with a Suitable Number of Rejects. All Electrical and Pneumatic Drawings Will be Inspected and Compared to the Machine to see they are Correct. Once Completed and the Machine has passed the Full report will be filled out.

Once this is Complete, We will Insure the Operators are giving suitable training on how to run the machine. A full manual and Spare Part list will be Arranged, and the Machine is CE Marked it will be Ready for Production

We Have Experience is Designing, Building, Installing and Servicing Machinery so you and Guaranteed a Inspection to Check the Machine threw fully