Bespoke Conveyors and Workstation for Production Line

Conveyor Design Background 

Due to some recent fire damage to their factory a client asked us to design, manufacture and install two 7 meter conveyor belts and a workstation for their new production line. Our team worked closely with the client to make sure the design was exactly what they required before we manufactured it in our workshop and then installed on site.

Notes on Design:

The following is a brief overview on some of the aspects of this design-

It is 190mm nominal width Modular Conveyor containing 2 no. belts 7m each – Horizontal Straight running.

There was a Single geared motor mounted on each unit giving a fixed speed.

The belt type is Unichains – 1 straight type running with no side tab.

Conveyor chassis and all associated works fabricated from 304 grade stainless steel.

Conveyor was also designed to be easily washed down. This was very important for the environment it would be installed in.

All bearing housings Stainless Steel type with Stainless steel bearing inserts.

Nord Type geared motor.

Adjustable height support stands supplied.

One bolt on stainless steel workstation with suitable guarding.

The video below shows many of the aspects discussed above, including the workstation.

Up and Running

The entire process from initial design right through to installation on site took approximately 7 weeks and the conveyor belting system is now successfully up and and running on site. We at OB Design and Engineering are delighted to see this factory start to get back into production again.

The following is a link to a recent video shared on Facebook showing the conveyor belt up in action.

The Video below shows slightly more detail of the different parts of this system, and how the staff can safely work alongside it.

Design Images of the Conveyor Belt: 


Conveyor belt
Side view of conveyor system.





Final design of conveyor for production line.