How Robotics and Robots Impact our Lives.

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As we are now almost a quarter of the way through the 21st century we can really start to see the impact of robotics. Not just in large manufacturing plants but also in smaller businesses.

The changes in our everyday life due to robotics may not have yet had the impact as predicted. Such as in “Back to the future” for 2015, however it does impact many areas of every day lives. Often with us even realizing it, and its inevitable lots more changes are to come.


For many the first sight of a “typical” robot may have been “The Tin Man” in the 1900 film “The Wizard of Oz”. However , The worlds first programmable and digitally operated robot “Unimate” was invented in 1954 by George Devol. “Unimate” was then first used in 1961 in a general motors auto factor in New Jersey. This brought Robotics into the area of industrial production.

The Robotics industry has grown at a huge pace over the years. And there is absolutely no sign of it slowing down. With the invention of Cobots, Robotics is now within in reach to many small and medium sized businesses. Cobots are robots that work safely along side humans and can easily slot into existing production lines.


How Robotics effects our everyday life:

Many of us might not realise that Robotics is part of our everyday life and have been for quite some time. Some examples of these include:


Robotic Toys enable children to learn through enjoyment.

Toy Robot



Simple examples include lawnmower and vacuum robots allowing mundane tasks to done quickly and effortlessly.

Vacuum Robot



This is by far the most prominent application of robotics.

Industrial Robot
Industrial Robot



Surveillance Robots are the most popular robots used by the defense forces. Robots can be used freely in dangerous places without putting human life at risk. Such as to survey areas that might contain land mines.

Surveillance Robot



Robotic equipment is used for greater accuracy and precision. Also damaged body parts can be replaced with a robotic body parts e.g. robotic arms and legs.

Robotic Arm


Industrial Robotics in the 21st Century:

Both Commercial and industrial robots are now in widespread use. In many industries in areas such as Manufacturing, Assembly, Packing & Picking, transport, space and laboratory work.   These robots can perform many jobs with greater accuracy and reliability than humans. Robots are used for jobs which are too dirty, repetitive, dangerous or dull to be suitable for humans.

We at OB Design and Engineering aim to be at the forefront of robotics applications in Irish Industries. If you would like to lean more about Robotics and how we can implement robots and Cobots into your work place, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.