At OB Design and Engineering we have vast experience is Designing, Building, Installing and Servicing Machinery so you are guaranteed a thorough and high quality inspection.

Are you are looking to Upgrade your Machine or purchase a new one?

We can provide consultation advice and inspection of the machine. It is important for a build to be inspected at every stage to ensure the highest quality is obtained.

Our first step will be to assess your needs and find a suitable machine. This involves discussing many aspects such as budget, work environment, timeline, power supply, operators etc.

Once a suitable machine is selected a 3D room plan showing machine in place will be drawn, highlighting any potential problems with space, height etc.

When happy with this we can start the machine building. Here we will ensure that all the correct materials, controllers and parts are being used.

All aspects of the machine and software will be inspected once the machine is finished to ensure they meet the highest quality and safety standards.

At this Point we will carry out the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). To ensure the, machine is running correctly. Many tests will be carried out along with visual and any quality inspections to ensure the machine is at the highest quality. A full report will be produced showing these results. The machine must pass this test before being moved to the Factory for Installation.

When the machine is installed it will need to pass a Site Acceptance Test (SAT). This is the same as FAT but in a working Environment. Once Completed and the machine has passed a full report will again be filled out.

When installed on site we will ensure the operators are given suitable training. A full manual and Spare Part list will also be supplied. All Machines will be CE Marked.

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