Filling Machines

Here at OB Design and Engineering we can help you to choose or design a bespoke filling machine to best suit your workplaces needs.

Our Experienced automation engineers can also carry out the following on any existing filling machines you may have:

What is a filling machine?

There are several different filling machines available, Choosing the one best suited to your needs will depend on the following-

Filling machines can be single nozzle or multi nozzle, semi-automatic or automatic, count filling machines or vacuum filling machines and many more.

The main purpose of a Filling machine is to measure out a predetermined amount and then fill the bottle, jar, vial, carton with this amount. This results in less waste and much faster output rates than manual filling.

Filling machines and Filling & Capping machines are essential pieces of equipment in many factories. Therefore, it is vital that the machines are suitable for the task and are running to their best potential.

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