Industrial Robots / Cobots

Here at OB Design and Engineering we supply and install a wide range of Industrial Robots and Cobots.

We can find the one that will perfectly meet your specific needs. Robotic applications and robotics machines are endless allowing many jobs to be done safely with speed and precision.

Industrial Robots are becoming more affordable and are now in reach to many small and medium sized businesses.

Currently Industrial Robots are used in many settings to perform repetitive tasks or actions that could cause long term damage to a human workforce. Some Industrial Robots are used in extremely hot/cold environments or for controlling dangerous substances -i.e., in situations that would be too dangerous for humans. – Simply put some jobs are easier and safer when carried out by the use of Industrial Robotics.

Industrial Robots / Cobots

Collaborative Robots or Cobots as they are more commonly known are an affordable way to introduce robotics into many small – medium sized businesses.

Like Industrial Robots, Cobots do not require time to rest, they are highly accurate and precise, increase production rate and decrease risk of injury to workers.

However, unlike industrial robots they do not need a protective cage and can safely work alongside a human workforce.

If you would like to read more on cobots please follow this link to a recent blog post:

The Following is a list of benefits of incorporating Industrial Robots or Cobots into your business:

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